Wednesday, July 29, 2020

English Grammar Present Continuous Explanation

Hi friends Today I am coming with a new topic English Grammar Present Continuous Tense. After learning this Step By Step Explanation of Present Continuous, you are able to understand what Present Continuous Tense is. You can also read English Grammar Topics here. I have covered many topics on English Grammar.

Present Continuous

Rule - 1
This Tense is used to express an action taking place at the time of speaking.
The Present Continuous tense is commonly used with time expressions like:
now, at the moment, Look!, Listen!
English Grammar MCQ
sub + is/am/are + v1 + ing + ...............
For example
He is learning to drive.
I am living with my sister now.
They're not working.
When are you starting your new job?

Rule - 2
This tense is used to indicate that something will or will not happen in the near future.
For example
I am meeting my friends after work.
He is visiting his parents next weekend.
Please refer Present Continuous Tense for more information

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