Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Subject And Predicate | English Grammar | Subject And Predicate Explanation

English Grammar Subject And Predicate 

Hi friends and my dear students! In this post I have covered the topic Subject And Predicate. After knowing this short explanation, you are able to know what a Subject and Predicate is.

Subject And Predicate Explanation

A sentence usually consists of two elements i.e. A Subject and Predicate.

What is a Subject?

That part of a sentence which names the person or thing we are talking about is known as a subject.

English Grammar Subject And Predicate Short Notes 

What is a Predicate?
That part of the sentence which tells something about the subject is known as the predicate.

For example
Sita is a beautiful girl.
In the example given above "Sita" is the subject of the sentence and "is a beautiful girl" is its predicate.

Note: -The subject of the sentence usually comes first, but certain time it can be placed after the predicate.

Please refer Subject and Predicate for more information 

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